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Motto: ”Not only stay by the sea, but to sail it - this is the best way how to discover the blue world which represents most of our planet.“

The SEA TOUCHES expedition is more than a week-long learning of the seafarer's trade. It is balm to the soul and nourishment for all five senses - fresh smell of seaweed, tangy taste of sea waves, rough surface of ropes, perpetual laughing of seagulls and striking scarlet of the setting sun.

Eight years ago, in 2004, a few sailing enthusiasts decided not to leave their disabled mates ashore ever again. What started as a simple idea of sharing one boat for one week turned into a project unique in a country without sea. There are various opportunities for Czechs who love setting sail but very few for those who are disabled. The SEA TOUCHES found inspiration in RYA Sailability, a British non-profit organisation that started sailing with disabled people in 1995. We are nowhere near its success but we share the idea. We believe the only barrier between disabled and able-bodied people is the one they tend to build by themselves. And our project aims to destroy it.

In the past, we shared a boat with friends who could steer it blindfold, with mates who couldn't walk but would sail everywhere or with those who could tie a bowline with only one hand. Where is enthusiasm there is always a way! See our Photo Album.

This year the project celebrates fifth anniversary and for the first time we will have not one but a fleet of two yachts cruising the Adriatic Sea from 15th till 22nd September with 18 sailors on board.

The SEA TOUCHES expedition has been made possible thanks to many volunteer hours, financial and material backup from supporters and advice and encouraging from friends - every one of them is a valuable crewmember on our barrier-free journey. Thank you!

Milan and Vera (SEA TOUCHES 2012 Team)